Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Noteworthy Sayings

Here are 10 quotes worthy of thought:
1. Life is about prospective. The grass is never greener on the other side, grass is grass.

2. How often do we do this? Instead of choosing to wait for what we really want, we just accept what is available at that moment. Live life with out regret. Wait for what you really want.

3. I remember being on a 16 hour flight and having my then 9 year old son start throwing up. It was not convenient, but I was grateful to the flight attendant who very nicely addressed the unkind remarks of the gentleman in our row. "He is just a sick child, you don't need to be unkind about it." He was just my sick baby very far from an emergency room and very sick.

4. How true is this? We invest a lot of time worrying about things that do not matter. Right now we are planning our move, or at least planning leaving our current home. Daily I think, I am trusting God to work out the details, He knows what our family needs. 

5. Yes, Yes, Yes, there is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Even lesson learned are reasons to be thankful. Today I caught my first grasshopper. I was thankful I did it, I was also terrified. Not a bug friendly person, but I made my son's days. Yeah, Mom!

6. Truth be told, I am weird and proud of it but I like this quote. I am most definitely a limited edition. God made me an extra special limited edition.

7. Here is a good de-cluttering guide. 

8. How easy it is to forget that un-forgiveness is a prison of our own making. Burn the past and set yourself free. 


10. Errors are learning opportunities. 
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