Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pictures From My Week (Word-Less Wednesday)

Okay, so this is not from last week, but I am excited that April is finally here and we are just waiting to hear when he will be coming home. YEAH!

Confession time: I love just being in Tjmaxx, you find the coolest things. You might even be able to over look the price tag of one thousand dollars. (insane)

While I love that I can watch the classics on Hulu with my nine year old, his marathon to finish watching Voyager was tough.

Nathanael, our resident 9 year finished his first patch for the blanket he is knitting. #Proudmama

I was daring and make a bumper for my bed. 

My Hallmark Dream book came in the mail. Let the Christmas madness begin.

Today I end with the question: Whose good are you seeking this week? 

As always,