Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moving with Thanks

Well it is four days before the movers come and I have many things left undone. My mind is racing through my to do list. But right now, I can think of nothing else but what I am thankful for.  So this will be a short, but important posting.

We are at the end of a three-year journey in our current home. My children have done a lot of growing. I am thankful for their many friends. I am thankful that they choose well the people whom they have spent time with.

I am thankful for God’s grace in placing these people in my children’s lives. I am thankful that room was made for them in so many hearts.
My eldest son’s friends threw him a going away party. And all I can say is that he is well loved. The party was wonderful and instead of being heart-breaking he was just basking in all the love that is around him.

Is that not what we all want for our children? He is my heart that I have so bravely sent into the world. So knowing that he is well loved makes me very happy, fills my heart with gratitude and thanksgiving to God.

God has protected him and provided for him great friends.  Thank you God, to you goes all the glory.