Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Top Ten Birthday

We celebrated my eldest fourteenth birthday over the holiday weekend. I am just so proud of who he is at fourteen my heart is ready to burst. No perfection here just a mother love for her heart walking in the world. 
1. A Breakfast for a future King. Dutch Apple Pancakes! 
2. A sparkling cake that makes a mess.
3. First a little shopping, one on one time with Mom and Dad. 
4. Picking out Sneakers, we thank God for good sales.

This is the day he planned
5. Lunch at On the Border, so glad he is a frugal date.
6. The waitress brought his a surprise sunday with a candle, there was no singing.
7. Miniature Golf in the rain, but every one had fun.
8. The skateboard park, first time, falls and all.
9. Would you believe more ice cream from our favorite joint. 
 10. Ending with an impromptu trip to the lake
A Great day was had by all.
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