Wednesday, October 19, 2011


and thankfully a time for bed.
This week I am thankful for bed times. I am extremely thankful that I have always had a bedtime for my boys. I would not be appreciating bedtimes this week had not for where my life has placed me.

My boys have been staying up late every night and I have been fighting a severe case of negative thinking. Just the lack of quiet and peace, the ability to think things through and have my mind functioning has been greatly diminished.

I am thankful for this experience because it has given me a great appreciation for bedtimes. Not only because I need the time to recoup and rest for the next day but also because God created a time for every thing. 

Our great and wonderful creator gave us everything we needed and we should be thankful for all He created. As we plan our days and nights let us be mindful of the different times God has created and thankful in all of them.