Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reviewing "The Gospel Of Yes"

I recently read The Gospel of Yes written by Mike GlennThe Gospel of Yes is an inspirational book that discusses how God always says yes to us. He does this my retelling God's story in the first few chapters that are beautifully written. The telling of the gospel draws you into an amazing praise and worship of our amazing Father.

These amazing chapters are titled:

The Yes of Creation
God Says Yes a Lot
The Yes of the Cross
The Yes of the Resurrection

He continues with telling us why God wants to say YES to us and how he says yes. This book reminded me of how wonderful my Heavenly Father is.

Some great points from this book:

Gives us a beautiful view of our creator who in his wisdom leaves room for us to explore and create. 

We should view god as a protective father disciplining his children in love, teaching them the error of their way while trying to bring them to loving repentance.

We say no to God, He never says no to us.

Loving the emphasis on change as part of the forgiveness circle. If we fail to attempt change we do cheapen the gospel of yes.

Victimhood is self-inflicted pain, which only you can solve

Every time we think we have reached the end, God presents another opportunity.

We are given a choice. We can choose to be marked permanently by our wounds, or we can choose to be defined by the resurrection of Christ.

We do not “find Jesus.” Jesus is not lost. We are. Jesus finds us, and in this finding, everything changes.

Your “yes” is unique to you and is not repeated in the life of anyone else.

If you know why you are going through something, no matter how painful the trial, you have a much better chance of getting through it.

Jesus invites us to define the meaning of our lives, which leads to the pursuit of our destiny.

No one can meet my needs but Christ!

Relationships are transformed for the better when we love without expecting anything in return.

Sometimes we think the small opportunity in front of us isn’t worth the effort, but it just may be the one thing that opens up everything else.

The Gospel of Yes, is amazingly all-inspiring book. 

I am now asking:
  1. Have I found my yes? 
  2. Is it time to move on to another yes?
  3. What do I really need to live a good life?
  4. How much is too much?

I cannot image anyone reading this book and not wanting to surrender all to the purpose God has given him or her. I enjoyed reading this book.

I am reviewing this book in exchange for the free copy I received. I honestly will buy "The Gospel of Yes" and give it as a gift. It would make a great addition to a quiet time basket. "The Gospel of Yes" will change anyone life who is willing to read it.

To read the first chapter of "The Gospel Of Yes" click HERE.

As Always,