Friday, April 19, 2013

Did God Really Say, reviewing Finding God in The Dark

I am reviewing a copy of Finding God in The Dark by Ted Kluck & Ronnie Martin for Bethany House Publishers a division of Baker publishing Group as part of their blogging for books program. 
Finding God in The Dark is an eight-chapter book with 4 chapters written by Ted Kluck and four written by Ronnie Martin. This book does is not a guide to finding God.  It doesn't give you a process by which you can follow to find God in the dark.
I did feel the value in Finding God in The Dark is that it led me to question the depth of my relationship with God.
 The book begins with a very important question for any Christian:

"Did God really say?"

The first question in the Bible really: "Did God really say?"
And quite possible a question most believers should ask themselves on a regular basis.

In chapter 2 we find a beautiful analogy from Ronnie Martin when he points out the value of receiving our needs.    

"Ironically, I'll still be wearing those sweaters a year later, but those toys I couldn't live without were long gone, which is why I asked for more."
We just don't know what is best and ask for set our hearts on meaningless things. 
He continues to talk about Joseph, a story we can all relate too. The truth of the Joseph situation is that many of us would not have taken it so well. I usually think of Paul's time in prison and how well he took it. How do we respond when life hand us lemons instead of the diamonds we believe we deserve.
Ronnie comments on page 44, "The problem was that there were barriers in my life that needed to be dismantled and destroyed"

What must god do to destroy those barriers in your life?

In his last chapter Kluck takes us to Gethsemane with Jesus pointing out the 5 things Jesus did. 
1. Took friends
2. Was honest
3. Asked for help
4. Look to the father
5. Rest in sovereignty 

On page 112 he writes, “I am reminded of something that we say a lot but I think really internalize and actually live: the idea that nothing good is possible apart from Christ.”

The great thing about Finding God in The Dark is that is begins with the question, "Did God really say?" and reminds us that God is the same today, tomorrow and yesterday. We can trust in His promises and focus on Him even in the dark.

Finding God in The Dark was a quick read but I found it to be a very profound book. I will be focusing more on what God said.  Pick up a copy of this book, you will not be sorry.

As Always,