Friday, April 26, 2013

How do you review a book that is still motivating change in your life: The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer review

How do you review a book that is still motivating change in your life?

I did receive this book for free in exchange for writing this review, but The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer by Jack Hayford is a book that I will keep and read again and again. It was the best-written book on the subject of prayer I have read in a long time.
This was the hardest book review for me. I starting reading and finished The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer book in January. The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer was life changing for me. I was so impacted by my need to change the way I prayed, who I prayed for, and what I asked on their behalf that it seemed impossible to express in a book review.  My need to expand my pray life was evident. 
The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer was well written, and gives you many spiritual truths to mediate on. Although this book is easy to read and hard to put down, allow your self the time for this book to change your pray life as it was meant too.
Great points from Intercessory Prayer
You have pointed out a problem with someone choice. Now your primary place is on your knees praying, knowing that God is working.
What is my attitude towards the people I am praying for? If I have an attitude of criticism or accusation how am I leaving room for God to work?
We have to do what is within our ability but leave time and space for God’s divine workings. Are we giving up too quickly?
Jack refers to a rebellious spirits as having a demonic root. One in which your battle needs to be won in prayer for our children. Ever though your children was demon possessed because of something they did that really cause you concern, then turn to God with your concern.
Matthew 19:14 “The word “suffer” means “to allow or permit.” Jesus was saying that we are to let them (family, love ones, friends) come to Him naturally, not push them into him. 
We have to trust God with our children through prayer.
In chapter 11 “Praying for Someone You Don’t Want to Pray For,” I have read many books about praying and I do believe this is the first book with a chapter dedicated to this topic.
Who do you not prayer for?
The concept that not praying for someone is sin was completely new to me. We are obligated to pray for those who come and go through our lives. Even when I disapprove of their life choices, or they for some reason is no longer an active part of my life, I am still obligated to pray for them.
The review seems somehow unfinished. I have so much more I can learn from The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer and I guess our pray life is just one place where we are always growing and learning.
The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer is a great addition to any quiet time library and a book I know I will be reaching for again and again in the coming years.
Thanks to Chosen Book for allowing me the privilege to read such a wonderful book.

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