Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reviewing The Ragamuffin Gospel

From the title: The Ragamuffin Gospel, you might not gleam the true nature of this jewel. Brennan has written a heart warming book that connects us to the truth of the gospel. He came to save all us sinners, who are lost without His Grace. 

Brennan Manning has come full circle, To have fallen from grace by becoming an alcoholic, To stand again and learn so much from the experience is the amazing gift of God. But, he takes it a step further and shares his amazing journey with us in a way that helped me discover a new perspective of my truly amazing God. 

I cannot help but love books that proclaim the truth about the Christian walk. Even with the examples of Peter and Paul, many still paint a picture of this perfectly happy butterfly and sunshine life which sets others up for failure. Living in a broken world is hard and challenging, that truth sets us free. 

The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning is published by multnomah Books and I was blessed to receive a free copy to review as part of their blogger for books program.

Pearls from The Ragamuffin Gospel:

God does not find me expendable.

"That for those who love God everything works unto the good, even sin."

The gospel of grace announces, Forgiveness precedes repentance. The sinner is accepted before he pleads for mercy. it is already granted. He need only receive it. Total amnesty. Gratuitous pardon.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts.

"With unshaken confidence Jesus answers, The kingdom of My Father cannot be overcome, even by death. In the end everything will be all right. Nothing can harm you permanently; no loss is lasting, no defeat more than transitory, no disappointment is conclusive. Suffering, failure, looniness, sorrow, discouragement, and death will be part of your journey, but the kingdom of God will conquer all those horrors. No evil can resist grace forever."

What pearls will you find while reading The Ragamuffin Gospel?

As always,