Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reviewing The Sure Cure for Worry

The Sure Cure for Worry by Kent Crocket is my latest gem from Chosen Book, Blogging for books division. The randomness of this process has allowed me to be God lead. 

Although, I was expecting more of a daily quiet time devotional on the topic of worry based on the title I did find it to be a valuable read through resource. The Sure Cure for Worry is divided into three parts and each chapter has Reflections questions at the end.

Great advise and thoughts from Part 1 titled Learning to Trust God:

Simply live to please The Lord 

Pages 40-43 Gives 15 excellent examples of God's control over the faithful. 

The story of Joseph is probably my favorite story of divine appointments in the Bible because, is show that it is also about His timing and not mine. 

Seven factors necessary for a Prophecy to be fulfilled are listed on pages 52-55

Pages 60-64 gives us a list of Prophecies that have been fulfilled. 

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest one of all.” I found this to be a pivotal question. So often we compare ourselves but are we comparing to whom is the smartest. 

Part two entitled "Deciding to Follow God" is the main course of this book. It is filled with sage advice and encouraging thoughts. Kent strives to help us see how God works for our good in all circumstances, even those that are painful. We can ease our pain by choosing “to see rejection from God’s point of view and looking forward to the good future He has planned for you.”  

Part 3: "Claiming God’s Promises" summaries the main message of this book. 

“Stop torturing yourself (or allowing others to torture you). Surrender your life to The Lord. Place your complete trust in Him. Live one day at a time. Control what you think about. Release your problems to God through prayer. And enjoy the rest of your life to its fullest.”

If you struggle with worry, I highly recommend The Sure Cure For Worry, after reading the cure you only need to apply its principles to master your worrying. 

Have you chosen to enjoy life?

As always,