Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Top Ten Collection List

I decided to turn this post into a Top Ten Tuesday. Participation in the blogging world is a must. This is My Top Ten list of areas where I need to repent and purge my life of stuff.
Really; Am I Really a Collector of things

1. Too many Picture Frames
I had The Boys count all the picture frames I have hanging in my house and I have one hundred. How is that possible. Need to get rid of at least 60 picture frames, I am in need of serious therapy.

2. Too many Photo Albums
It stands to reason that if I have too many picture frames then I definitely have too many photo albums. I have taking to chronicling my life since marriage in 1994 in pictures. I enjoy taking pictures and the telling a story with them I guess I just needed to realize that just because I developed an entire roll of film did not justified having all of them placed in an album and a second copy sent to Grandma. Where was this wisdom that was brought with digital pictures when I needed it.  

3. Too many Books
I love books and have taught my children to love books add to that the fact that homeschooling has giving me the excuse to buy every book I could possibly need and we acknowledge the fact that I have way too many book for one house; one lifetime; one person. The hard part is deciding what I can let go of and how many I should own 100 or 10.

4. Too much Jewelry
Ever found yourself asking how many pieces of jewelry a girl should own. I started asking that question last week; I came too the conclusion that I own too many; is it really necessary to have different jewelry for different occasions and clothes? How does one decided on what to part with...........

5. Too many Shoes
I remember when I use to have three pairs of shoes which consisted of sneakers, flats, and a nice pair of dress shoes. Now I think I have 3 pairs in each set: I have 3 pairs of nice boots; 3 pairs of snow boots; and an uncounted number of other shoes. I even have three pairs of sneakers, why would any one need three pairs of sneakers and to be honest I only wear one pair. Why with time and age do we accumulate more stuff does living 40 years on the planet entitle me to have this many pairs of shoes for my one pair of feet. HELP need. 

6. Too many Clothes
Well if I have too many shoes; too much jewelry then you ultimate know that my clothing wardrobe is even more extreme. Saying I have too many articles of clothing does not do my closet justice. I LOVE clothes in all their many forms and I have clothes in all their many forms. I no longer buy clothes and made a pledge to rid myself of any article that I do not absolutely love my self in but sadly I realize that I LOVE clothes.....

7. Too many Hair accessories
Did I even need to mention this one? I guess it goes without saying, the really funny part is that I suffer with severe migraines and cannot wear them for long without bringing one on, so why do I own them. Except for some very small pieces to keep my hair out of my face I hardly every wear them. I think the hard part of admitting that you have too much of something is the guilt that you bought all the crap in the first place and now is desperately trying to defend your choice. It hurts to admit that you may have been thinking with your heart instead of your head. I admit to not being the most logical of people when shopping.

8. Too many Kitchen electronics
I would start this list by saying that I am not responsible for any of these purchases which would be a true statement. But, I never did stop the offender till the beginning of 2010 when I very nicely said if you are thinking of buying me any thing I have too much stuff. Just bank the money please; think college fund. It took me too long to face my demons and act like an adult, after all owning too much stuff does not always start with us. When the people that matter disagree with our choices we think twice, no blame placed, as an adult I am the only one responsible for the choices I have made.

9.  Too many Household decorations
This is another area where I maintain the fringe notion that I am not responsible. My husband travels a lot and I have asked the question how many beer mugs from Germany do we need, especially when they are in a set of one. How many shot glasses? How many decorative plates? Standing up to this would have meant that I had to remove the log from my eye first. But, as you can see from this list I was not willing to self-evaluate. As much as I hated cleaning the decorations and spent time wishing The Boys would break some of them; I was very willing to allow his vice as long as I got to keep mine. Now is the time to Stand UP and be Counted. I stand up to all around me who think I have lost my mind and are encouraging me to keep this stuff.

10 Too many Christmas decorations
Now along with clothes, and books, and pictures, christmas decorations should be at the top of list. Its at the bottom because I still maintain that you could never have too many christmas decorations. My Hallmark order for this christmas has been placed. What I learned last year was that if I placed my order early and had the store pull them. I was able to buy only what was on my list. I also avoided going to Hallmark many times during the Christmas season because they call when they have all your items. Making one trip helped me to avoid the temptation to buy more than I planned. Here is my list for this year:
These are the additions this year and I already got my two club membership ones in the mail. Here are some samples of what Christmas looks like. I live to have christmas in every room so we have multiplies of many things. 
This is The Boys tree that they get to decorate themselves.

The Big living room tree

School room christmas scene, I do one for each room
Christmas has a special place in the heart; its the only season I decorate for and I start decorating in October and take things down mid January. I made a promise to stick to my list and only add a small number of things each year but I think for right now as a responsible adult I am choosing to keep and take pride in my christmas decorations. They truly make me happy and are full of memories.

I think list are helpful. Who know what I will do next week. Maybe from each number on this list, I will list what I have decided to part with as I continue grow in this area.

I make a pledge to get rid of possessions, buy less and leave behind less of a garbage foot print.
What is your top ten today.