Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful For A Week Of Choices

I am thankful this week for the choices, I have made, and the ones I continue to make. I made the choice to rid my life of the excess and it has been an amazing journey. Beginning on Monday, I have been trying to go from 100 picture frames to around 40. I began the week asking, how did I get to 100 hundred frames, and how could I ever decided what to keep? The journey was started and the highlights that have made me thankful are:.... 

As I looked at each picture frame, I was able to share the memories with The Boys, and express how much seeing their smiling faces means to me. When I see their smiling faces my heart leap and shouts with joy.  My heart is extremely grateful to have been blessed with them in my life.

I also realized, how I got here and why the pictures are so important. I was glad that God reminded me that I started with a purpose. My purpose so many years ago, was to help The Boys remember. Remember their dad when he was deployed as he is so often missing from their lives. The pictures served to remind The Boys of the good times when Dad was home with them and when he is gone the pictures of are way to help Dad see them having fun and growing. I am telling both sides of Our Story. 

Although Our Story has many volumes I was able to ask myself goes this picture make my heart sing and be exceedingly glad when I saw. Which ones told the most important part of Our Story; where we are now!

Editing is always good for stories and I am thankful that I have had this week to dedicate to editing Our Story. Our Story continues and so does my pictures frames, but I know I can be edited. I thank God for being able to share my life in a way that shows what matters most to me. 

What are you thankful for this Thursday..........