Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Top Ten Movies I Would have kept had I not written this post
1. Bicentennial Man
Loved watching this with The Boys When they were little. Definitely a movie that leaves you feeling good and can be shared as a family. Lots in here about caring for others, from the beginning where the father explains that the robots cannot be treated like regular property, after the little girl commands him to jump out her bedroom window, to the end when they declared him to be the oldest living man.
2. Fried Green tomatoes
The Boys have not seen this one yet, but I cannot wait for it to spark their interest. This is just a great movie once again, about standing by family, and how important, and life changing loving another human can be.

3. Jumanji
Just a great story about finishing what we start, even when the going gets tough. We may be scared, and not quite sure what will happen in the end, but this movie makes the point that if you start, it is very important to finish.
4. The Bone Collector
Analyzing crime scenes is always fun, I enjoy watching this one again and again.
5.The bird Cage
A great comedy about the importance of support and accepting the people who love you and the people whom you claim to love.
6. The First Wives Club
I enjoyed the friendships in this movie and the fact that they united in support of one another. It also helps that the revenge becomes less important, while the friendships become more important.
7. Grease
Who does not like Grease? It reminds us of a time when life was a song. A time that seemed simpler and everyone was happy. A feel good kind of film. 

8. Bird on a Wire
This made the keep pile because it was our first date movie, so its a memory I will hold on to for a while longer.
9. Ghost
I cannot for the life of me remember why I kept this one. It will probably have to go, but I will watch it first. As I think about the value of this movie; I realize that its about holding on, in an unrealistic way to what we have lost. I did not make it through Ghost so I guess that I have growth.
10. Purple Rain
Sorry, will never let The Boys watch this one. I just really liked Prince when this movie came out. Although it is no longer my story, emotionally or physically not ready to part with it, yet. Though after writing these word; I will try to watch it and then if the judgement is the same, I will get rid of it. Why would I keep something I never want The Boys to watch? After some deep though I will be leaving this part my teen years behind me.
Making this list allowed me to lose two more movies, what could you eliminate my making a top ten list? Feel free to comment, even disagree if you wish.

Now its your turn......