Thursday, July 7, 2011

Black Beauty

What animal-related books have you read? Which do you love? Do you have a favorite literary dog? (Snoopy, anyone?)

Here it is: my Booking Through Thursday blog hop answer.

I tend to read more people ordiented books. The only animal related books I have read on my own was Black Beauty. I think it was a birthday gift from my God Mother. I loved the story of Black beauty so much that I made sure The Boys read it.

I enjoy reading and have passed that joy along to My Boys. In turn they have introduced me to many children’s books that are about animals. We loved reading Make Way for Ducklings before bed when they were little. I have also been introduced to Balto, the snow dog and Blaze, another amazing horse. 

 Although they are many great children’s books about animals, I guess Black Beauty will always be my fave.