Friday, July 15, 2011

My Buffet

What a mess.
I set my timer for 10 minutes and tidied my “I’m going to go insane spot” for the homemakers challenge this week.  Who knew what a difference 10 minutes a day would make.

Before my buffet was filled with unfinished projects, lot of things from my to do list, that I could not find the time to finish. The funny thing is that once the pile got started I just kept adding to it.

What was intended as a temporary work area to extent my lack of kitchen counter space became an unworkable mess area.

To put a permanent end to this cycle, I used my 10 minutes each day to not only clear the counter but also to finish things.

I created three piles:  a trash pile for broken and unwanted items, a Goodwill pile to be taken tonight, and things I will repent and finish pile.  By doing a little each day I was not only able to keep the counter clean but also to finish all the little things in the to do pile. 
 On Wednesday, I was very happy when my son said that he would use the buffet for his family dinner on Friday. He was very glad to have it cleaned.
Finished project
By cleaning my buffet, my family can now enjoy using it for the intended purpose and it makes the room more comfortable.
On my sons dinner Menu was Tacos with both hard and soft shells; Summer corn; Sorrel as a drink; Brownies and vanilla ice cream. All made by my son today. Job well done, it was delicious.