Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top Ten Goals

I'm linking up with Oh Amanda for her Top Ten Tuesday 

blog hop. As I am working on getting better organized; I am posting my Top Ten Goals for this week:

1. Write a daily blog post.
I love writing and I enjoy blogging but I get very little down time. Insert me time here! My sister says I am always multitasking, the funny thing is she is so right. If I am at the computer, I am doing at least three different things and I also have about 10 windows open. I do find myself wondering how else do we get it all done........

2. Finish downsizing my family albums. 
This includes scanning all 15 albums and shredding all the pictures. I am making digital albums with my favorite pictures and deleting everything else. No reason to start clogging up my computer storage.

I will work on hard copies of The Boys baby books, do something special with my mother-in-law’s album, and up date My husband’s travel album with The Boys help, later this summer.

3. Continue setting up Shelfari with the books I have read.
This includes updating my reviews, favorite books, and setting up a schedule to finish my book list for this year.

4. Move my Facebook pictures.
I am moving my pictures to Picasa web album for easier access.  

5. Reset my twitter password.
I am not a master twitter yet.  I log in, do not log out, and then have the hardest time getting back in. It is another thing on my learn to manage list.

6. Reset my Wordpress blog password.
Having a hard time figuring this out also. This is the week I reset my password and hope for the best. The more complicated the rules are, the harder it is for me to get back in.

7. Plan my seventh grade homeschool year.
This is just an edit, where I adjust for My Wild Child and set up a calender so he can see at a glance what assignments are due for the week.

8. Finish reading That’s My Teenage Son by Rick Johnson. 

I brought this book at a church event. I love the title, and at the bottom of the cover it says, “How mom’s can influence their boys to become good men.” I am not sure I want them to become good men, but I do want to influence them to become Godly men.

9. I also need to exchange some international currency.
Lire, Pesos, and other dollars for US currency. I am hoping my bank will be willing to convert such small amounts for me, it is money after all. NO wasting here!

10. My biggest goal this week; is to get things in better order. To where I can do ALL I want. That is, working on my blog and my growing home together.

What are your plans for this week.........
Comments and advise welcomed.