Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Ten Ways To Love Your Child

For all the parents out there, I realized that we all have doubts so here is a Top Ten List for you. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 says And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” So here is my Top Ten ways to love your child.

1. Be patient
Patience includes two of my favorite words, self-restraint and persistence. It takes persistence to repeat the things we are teaching and it takes self-restraint to do it in a loving and gentle matter. I call this waiting for the light bulb to come on. In all the teaching, parents still need to wait for our children to understand the lesson being taught. Please be patient, they have a lot to learn.

2. Be kind
Kindness is about being unselfish, compassionate, thoughtful and generous. We should always be aware of how our choices effect our children. Do we consider their needs as we plan out our days. Are we being selfish when we go to that movie or when we make a meal. Have we included them in a way that sets them up for success.

3. Do not be arrogant with them
Lots of times as parents we let our pride hurt our children, by acting like we know it all. Being humble goes a long way to loving a child. Remember only God knows all things.

4. Do not insist on your own ways
There is many ways to skin a cat, let your child find the way that works best for them. It is hard feeling loved and accepted when some one is always telling us exactly how to do everything we do. Around here The Boys and I call that the hole in the bucket problem, I never understood why he needed Liza to tell him what to do. Let them figure some things out and praise their effort.

5.  Speak their love language
I read the Five Languages of Children, great book that helps you figure out what you can do to make your child feel like he is the only child in your home. Loved to the max. It can be as simple as touching your child or saying I love you. The key is finding out what works for that child.

6. Take the time to choose your words
A lot of times, The Boys will repeat themselves or say mummy did you hear me. I always respond with I am listening to you, but I am thinking of what to say. I take the time when talking to my children to be very careful with my word choice. Our words sends a message and as I will have to give account for each word I say, I want to take the time to speak the truth in love and not haste. Our words can make or break their day and hearts.

7. Value their uniqueness
Every person is unique. We should not try to turn our children into miniature version of ourselves. In this cookie cutter world of our; we should strive to embrace the things that makes them different. I have three boys. The oldest loves inventing things, he’s a builder at heart. I love what he creates; I listen; I watch; I help as much as I am able. My Wild Child is next, the name says it all. I am not much for nature, animals or bugs, but I love that he loves them so much. Right now he has a cricket, I listened, I watched, I laid down a few ground rules and tell him how special he is, with a major big heart. My youngest is a lover of making music or noise, it depends on the day, he will be learning the piano in September. If he continues to make noise, I will love his noise.

8. Let your hopes for them be known
Let your future scientist, PETA lover, and musicians know that you see them conquering the world. I know you will do great things for the Lord. I know you will change the world for God. Share your hopes and dreams form them but remember no pressure.

9. Believe the best of them even when they fall
Notice I did not say fail, children never fail, they fall and parents are helpers in the picking up. I tell My Boys that childhood should be filled with mistakes, the fall is easier. Being a child is all about making mistakes, you have to let them know that in every mistake is a lesson they are learning. Your child should never fail in your eyes, because love never fails.

10. Rejoice with them
When some one is happy we rejoice with them, and so we should rejoice in the things our children rejoice in. Be happy with them and for them. Take the time when they are excited to share in that excitement, nothing should be more important than celebrating with them and for them.

This list could be longer but top ten are always a good place to begin. Did I forget something important about loving a child, let me know. Hop on over to Oh Amanda for her Top Ten Tuesday blog hop and make your own list.