Thursday, August 4, 2011

I noticed today

What a beautiful summer day….

The warmth of the sun
The green of the trees.
The white cotton clouds
The clear blue sky
The grasshoppers are flying
The birds are singing
The ants are busy
The cicada are shrilling
The sun rises early
The sun setting late
The beautiful colors
Of a warm summer day
I thank you, God, for the many changing seasons
I thank you, God, for this season of summer
I thank you, God, for pray walks
I thank you, God, for walks with my sons
I thank you, God, for that time of bonding
I am very thankful for summer. Today I was thinking that fall would be here soon I thought and in that thought I found gratitude for summer.

It was wonderful and fleeting. Lots of talks about insects, lots of walks with my boys, no plan, no timetables, just enjoying what came. Thanks for a wonderful summer filled with amazing adventures.
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