Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Martha and Mary

This week post is the Top Ten Ways a Martha can host a Mary event. What a trouble title. I love hosting parties, dinners and just having people in my home. But at heart I am a Martha, I love having my home clean in an OCD way.
1. Martha cleans before, so she can focus on her interacting with her guests. This does not need to be a deep cleaning. Your house just needs to be clean and neat.
2. Make room for your guest.
Less is more. Move your families coats and shoes from the hallway closets. This allows your guest a comfortable place to put their things as they enter your home. And at the end of the night, the convenience of easy access on their way home.  

3. Create a special place for children.
If you have children depending on their ages they have special things which they might not want broken by smaller children. Consider who your guest are. What are the ages of the children and how you will include them. My older boys have lots of models, so we usually put them away. I have toys I have kept for very little ones and a special room for them to play. After the first visit, little one usually are heading right for the room.
4. Creating a bathroom based on the number of guest.
We recently hosted a going away party. Normally we keep the guest bathroom simple. Just the basics and one decoration. I have paper towels on hand and cleaning supplies under the sink. When having a party it is hard to have everyone using the same hand towel all night, so we use paper towel. For this last party I found the coolest thing. There are now making the public restroom paper dispensers for the home, how neat is that. I tried them, I love it, perfect for large events.
5. The party area.
I am one of those people who moves things around. You are creating a special place for your event. Display one or two special items, remove unnecessary items and clutter. People feel less crowed in small spaces when they are not worried about breaking or knocking something down.

6. The Kitchen
Party, dinner, or potluck, your kitchen should have a Martha cleaning. Before your guest arrive all non-essential kitchen equipment should be cleared from the counters, sinks, dish drain, and dishwasher. Sweep the floors. Any items needed for the event should be in clear view in the refrigerator and it should be neat. When your guest enter your kitchen anything they need should be easy to find. If you have to spend time cleaning or hunting for items, you miss out on enjoying time with your guest.

7. Service Please
Decided on how you will be serving your guest. I usually base this on how many people will be in my home. For a dinner, since we have a large family, we usually do a formal dinner setting and serve the food buffet style. For a party we have the food set up in stations, but use my china only for service and paper plates, cups and silverware for everything else. It makes cleaning up a lot easier and helps my guest feel less guilty.
8. As much as you are able try to anticipate your guest needsHaving their needs easily meet creates a sense of peace and comfort. Like when your hotel room has all the comforts of home.
Everyone just loves my son's brownies 
9. Get all your Martha out before your guest arrive
I do all my prep, setting up, cleaning, before my guest arrive. When they arrive at my home I want them to find me relax and waiting to welcome them. Planning goes a long way in creating a peaceful and welcoming environment.
10. Creating a sense of home.
I think the most important element for having an event in your home is making your house a home for your guest. You want them to feel at home, hang your coat in the closet, grab things from the cabinets, my home is your home.

How do you invite guest over to your home, let me know in the comment or hop on over to Oh Amanda for her Top Ten Tuesday blog hop and make your own list. If you make your own list leave me a link to follow.