Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanking Him For The Twist

Today I choose to be thankful for our Princess Chewy. Yes! I am thankful for a hamster.  To us she is a wonderful pet and a perfect addition to our family.
The blessing here is that my super allergic kid has always wanted a pet and God provided him with the perfect pal. He wanted a pet he could take for walks and play with.

God provided us the perfect hamster in Princess Chewy. From day one, she never seemed to mind them playing with her. She loves living in their pockets and going out with them on their skateboards.

Now she seems to know when they enter the room and climbs to the top of the cage expecting to be taken out. I realized we have quite a remarkable hamster, which can never be replaced. I am also thankful that My Boys realized that God blessed them in the choosing of this pet.

Isaiah  45:7 God tells us
“I cause light to shine. I also create darkness.
I bring good times. I also create hard times.
I do all of those things. I am the Lord.”

Just a reminder, no matter what God creates we should be thankful. He created both super allergic kids and perfect pets.