Monday, September 19, 2011

A Moving Top Ten

This is our moving week, but instead of focusing on how challenging moving can be, I though I would do a moving top ten.

Here are the top ten reasons why moving can be great.

   1.    It requires reliance on God. You can never know what the grass is like on the other side. 
   2.    It is a great way to clean your house of the clutter. When you have to move everything you own. What is really important comes to the top.
   3.    Moving allows us to make many friends. 
   4.    Moving forces you to change and adapt.
   5.    Moving reveals the sins of your heart. Nothing challenges your belief about your self like having something broken during a move.
   6.    Moving teaches you things about the world around you. Rules vary from place to place, so do customs, and little day-to-day things. Living for so long in New York City, it never dawned on me that a car could be a necessity. Some parts of the America do not have a reliable public transportation system unless you are in the city. 
   7.    Moving brings new skills to the table. Like patience when communicating with someone whose first language is not English and as you learn her language.
   8.    Moving with children teaches you what their needs are. Moving when they are little is so easy but as they grow just like flowers you have to be very careful when removing the roots.
   9.    Moving helps you bond as a family. It exposes our hearts in a way that draws us closer together. After all Home is Where the Heart is.
   10.      I guess the best thing about moving is the change of scenery, a different style of home, different weather, and a generally different view of life.