Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reading Out Loud

1. What do you think of reading aloud/being read to? Does it bring back memories of your childhood? Your children’s childhood?
2. Does this affect the way you feel about audio books?
3. Do you now have times when you read aloud or are read to?

Well I had quite a bit of time to think this one over. Reading aloud is a good thing. It gives you time to close your eyes and be transported to another place. I loved reading aloud to my children and I love when my children read to me. 

As a child, I loved listening to Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan from your story hour. 
I introduced my children to them and they loved them so much that we branched out to other audio books. We spend a lot of time traveling in our car and audio books are a good option for a family activity. 

Our recent favorite is 
and of course we are reading aloud most days from the Bible. Reading aloud allows families to connect and enjoy something simple together.
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