Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thank You in Words

I wanted to write A Special thankful Thursday blog post; thanking my friend Mike Arndt for the lovely lockers he made for My Boys.

He took my vision and perfected it. They are everything I imagine for all these years and more.
Backing up, My Boys have always shared a room and my wish has been to create for them a dorm styled room. I wanted lockers that could be placed at the foot of each bed so that they could have their own personal space.

I shared my vision and dream with Mike and he volunteer to make them. I love that he was willing to let The Boys pick personalized colors. I was scared about their choices, but here too God taught me that very different personalities can blend well. The lockers show that although we are very different individually as a family we blend well together.

I am thankful that the Arndts have been a part of our Illinois adventure and for all the times we have shared.  Saying goodbye in the next two weeks will be hard but I will always cherish the memories.

I am very thankful for the blessing of creation. God created so many wonderful and talented people. The fact that we are so different, yet we blend so well is the miracle of creation. Mike was able to take my creative dream and turn it into beautiful, functional, real cabinets.

Who else but God could have been responsible?

He gave me the gift of creativity. He gave Mike the gift of working with his hands. Then he orchestrated our lives so we could meet. The final product is amazing. Thank you God.