Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Last November I lost something I had valued for 16 years. Yet there was no frantic searching, no wondering where I had lost it. After all as luck would have it, I was throwing a dinner party and noticed it was gone during the meal.
For three hours I chose to focus on my Mary side. I chose what was better to entertain my guest.

My mother who was visiting assured me that I would find it before I moved, but I am sad to say I did not.

The more time I had to think about the lost wedding band the more I was unmotivated to search for it. This was the running monologue in my head:

1. The ring was too big for my finger and just never stayed on.

2. I had already spent many years worrying and searching for this ring. It fell off too many times to count.

3. The monetary value was minimal.

4. Till September when we where all cleared from our home I was sure it would just show up.

5. I never seem to remember it was lost till my mother would ask if I had found it yet.

6. I still have my very beautiful engagement ring.

7. I started wearing the custom-made anniversary band my husband had made for our tenth.

8. Then He started wearing his matching band, without a word, what an awesome way to support your wife.

9. When we got right down to it our marriage is defined by more than what is on our fingers. We just need a ring to symbolize that we are married to the world, but between is they is so much more.

10. The defining moment in our marriage was what God has joined together let no one separate. 
We made a covenant between ourselves and God. That is more important to us than making an idol out of our wedding rings. Diamonds are not forever, God is and I have very peacefully surrendered the lost of my ring to him.

I admit it. I lost my wedding and I just continued living happily in my marriage.