Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scary Night

E-readers like the Kindle and iPad are sweeping the nation … do you have one? Do you like it? Do you find it changes your reading/buying habits? If you don’t have one, do you plan to?

I guess the biggest thing I love about the is the lightness of it but I can still carry my two hundred or more books with me where ever I go. The connivence is great. It also makes reading in bed easy as you do not have lighting issues as with a book. We also recently discovered that our library loans Kindle books. How cool is that?

Recovering from a really bad dream, 
you know the kind 
where wild horses trample you,
so vivid, so real
Why does my soul wander so
finding no rest near or far
my soul mate is gone away
the warm and comfort no longer near
I am missing my heart
and really scared 
will sleep ever find me here.

Honestly just had a really scary dream, hope my response at 4 a.m. was to read Proverbs 3 and then do today's blogging. Hoping I can return to sleep.