Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rejoicing Children

 Working on spending more fun time with My Boys. They are growing up so fast.
 I am learning to play video games. I have mastered one game and raised Rio who is now one. I did such a good job with my Chao, he has entrusted me with two more. Probably way too much time but I am happy to be enjoying what he enjoys.
 Finally made the fort with the boxes they had me keep from our move. It is amazing that they enjoy playing and sitting inside a box. They are still my little boys.
 I had forgotten how much fun it is to play trains with them. I am glad that we have the room again to set up the track and play together.

And we ended the day reading

This was the good that comes after God gets through mixing all my experiences together. He has taken the bitter, the sweet, the happy, the sad and mixed them together to give me the opportunity to appreciate these moments. When we trust in Him, it all leads to the good.