Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doing Well?

We are at the beginning of a new adventure and with all great adventure comes change. How does one hold on to the things that matter most when they are so many new things to choose from? 

New things are not all bad. Unfamiliar things can bring grow and show us where we are weak. Tonight we added something new. A concept that had not dawned on us before. We added individual family pray to our dinner hour. Now each family member gets an opportunity to pray so that we can all grow closer together.

We can do everything okay or we can choose to do a few things well. I am thankful that the Lord blessed me with these wonderful boys and has lead me to make mothering and spending time with them one of my few things.

They are many good we can choose to do but for me the best will always be the time spent with my boys. 

I am grateful that the Good Spirit lead me to take our prayer times to a whole new dimensions. I continue to pray that He leads me to always be proud of my choice to me a wife and mother first.

What are you choosing to do well?