Friday, January 27, 2012

Running to Him

Let's face it, the last few months I have felt lost. As everyone else was planning their goals and preparing for 2012 I just was not. I was amazed my all the wonderful blog plans and even the plans of the people in my life. People kept asking me did I have a plan for the year, goals for me, my marriage, the children, and my life but I did not and do not. 

Have I created goals for my blog, no!
Have I created goals for me, no!
Have I created goals for my marriage, no!
Have I created goals for my children, no!

What will I choose to do in these areas of my life for 2012? I do not know, but I have chosen to Run to Him. I will get up every morning and put God first. 

What have I learned so far from putting Him first?

From Psalm 143 I have learned:

5 I remember the days of long ago; 
I meditate on all your works 
and consider what your hands have done. 

What has God done from me? As I have meditated on all His works, He has reminded me that our family has gone through a major change. Instead of lofty goals and the added stress of accomplishing a lot, we just need time to adjust and be with each other.
‎6 I spread out my hands to you; I thirst for you like a parched land.
I so need to seek Him right now. I am so parched and drained incapable of producing anything. The last two months have drained me both emotionally and physically. I need to replenish my cups with His Words and rest.
8 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
for to you I entrust my life. 
As I continue to trust in Him, He will guide me in the way I should go. God will narrow down my choices and let me see the good things I can accomplish in 2012. But First, I need to be filled with His Word. 
10 Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.
My focus has been on getting settled. Tomorrow will be four weeks we have been in our home. They are still many things that need to be done in order for me to have the order I so crave and probably need in order to function well. I will get my act together but not without God showing me His will and bringing balance to my life. I have added verse ten to my prayer scriptures for 2012. I want to do God's will and have Him balance my life.
11 For your name’s sake, LORD, preserve my life; 
   in your righteousness, bring me out of trouble. 
David closes Psalm 143 by asking God to preserve his life and to bring him out of trouble. In our high tech fast pace world is this not something we all need. God preserve the things that matter most and bring our family through the trouble times.

One of the great things about God's Word is that we learn different things from a passage each time we read them. This is just some of what God placed on my heart after studying Psalm 143 for a week. Next week I will mediate on either 27, 31, or 16 Psalm.

I am in what seems like a strange season of life. My hearts longs for a quieter season. I know with God we can narrow down and find the peace but working through the chaos also challenges our hearts.

Choosing to put my personal relationship with God first.
What are you choosing to put first? 
Or share with me in the comments what you are learning in this season?