Sunday, January 8, 2012

Welcome Back

My Welcome back to my life edition

First I wanted to thank all of my wonderful readers who joined me on this journey in 2011.

Catching up with my life as follows:
We are in our home for the next three years and it is nice to be settling in. All the boxes are unpacked and items are finding a home. I was sobered by the number of crates that showed up to our house on move in date. 

It was a wake up call that I still own way too much clutter and although this house is bigger than the last I will be choosing to continue my commitment to not hold on to the stuff.

1. My main focus this week will be organizing the big rooms when resettling. Being mom, I have focus on the boys items and the kitchen, so I have our school items to organize and of course my closet. These last three months have really impressed on the heart how little I really need to live. And although I would not be totally comfortable living that way on the long term, I am looking forward to eliminating more unused items. 

2. I am in the progress of organizing and planning for 2012. I will be sharing my goals and projects soon.

3.  I am officially back challenging myself to blog daily, although I did well with my two weeks of no internet, it was missed by me.  

4. Continuing my prayer list. 
  • Praying for friends who have needs. 
  • God to open my eyes to the learning and growing opportunities before me.
  • The continual softening of my children's hearts
  • For the new relationships that we are all building and that we are all open to sharing our hearts and lives.
5. My focus scripture for this week is Isaiah 43:1
Fear not for I have redeemed you;I have summoned you by name;you are mine!

How do you keep track of what you’re learning from the Word?  

My 2011 New Year's change was to embrace the technology I am so passionate about. I started taking notes in Church on my phone and I do all my Bible studies on the computer. This has worked well for me and now that I am using apps keeping track is easy. 

Paper journaling has never worked for me, I find files and programs easier to organize. You can have a main bible folder and within that a different computer folder for each of the sub-areas is also a good idea. I keep one for Sunday sermons on my phone by date and then I transfer it to my computer during the week. Its a great way to check your heart on applying what you have learned. 

When you journal on your computer, you can still have some basic organization and goals. You can create a file folder for 
  • Bible Notes (Here I keep mainly scriptures that I heard or read somewhere that struck a cord with my heart. These are scriptures I study out more closely usually using
  • Memory Verses (These I keep in Powerpoint form so that I can print them out or use them as my computer background while I memorize them; it is convicting to see the word when you first log on to the computer.)                                                       
  • Prayers (This is my Dear God file; where I not only prayer for what I need but also for the strength to carry out God's calling on my life). They are prayer apps that help you track your prayer and note when they have been answered
  • Book Studies (If I am reading a book, I keep my notes of questions and answers along with the date; that way when I re-read the book I can see what touched me before and what new things I learn. I organize the notes by chapters and always put the date under my notes for that chapter).
Any how I find that this has been working well for me; feel free to choose what works for you?