Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Boyhood Spectrums of Creativity

Children are a gift from God and are amazing. I am choosing to share one way each of my boys amazed me this week.

Number one son, wanted to build a garage out of boxes for his RC car. Then he added a second story and a car port. He still plans on painting it. I think some wood is in his future. 

Number two son saw that I was on a crafting binge and asked what he could do to help. He painted my plant pot and my hearts and with some left over letters he created this. I just love his heart and thought process.

My baby recently had his first family night in our knew home. Dad taught him to make pizza, after we convinced him to let the bread machine make the dough. I helped him make these very child friendly brownies. The melting of the butter needs adult help. They were delicious and my very own recipe because he loves white chocolate. 

A small part of what I see in God's handiwork.
At a lost for words tonight, hope you enjoy the pictures.
Wordless Wednesday