Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Choosing Joyfulness by Counting Your Blessing

Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming to share from right where I am. 

The story begins, once upon a time, a husband and wife decide to purchase bicycle boot. These boots promised to keep hubby’s feet warm on his cold dark ride through the woods to work.

The next morning at 5:30 a.m. hubby set off for work on his eleven mile hike through the woods, when out of now where a truck leaped into his path. Unable to stop in time, hubby went flying off bike landing on his right hand.

At home wife is thinking how warm and happy hubby must be. Imaging how much faster he is riding as she completes her morning chores. What is that!

The boys call “Dad is calling, can we talk.”

I rush to the phone “Are you coming home early?”

“I have some bad news honey, I fell off my bike and might have broken my arm.”

Concerned I replied, “Any thing I can do?”

“No, a friend is bring me home, I will find out later if it’s broken.”

I just miss my days of writing fiction, but although I engaged in a bit of poetic license the story is true. 

The day after my post entitled: Searching for Compassion about my hubby and his bike, he fell off said bike. I did see the irony, I walked closer to God in my compassion and now my husband arm although not broken it very much swollen and very painful.

My question is what is my response?

Response: In every situation there is a right and spiritual way to think.

When I face trials I always count my blessings

James 1:2
 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

My blessings:
  • Every day with Jesus is a good day  
  • An uneventful life is not a Christ lead life. Good or unpleasant something must happen.  
  • Thankful for his friend who drove him home
  • Thankful I did not have to upset the children by rushing out to the hospital
  • Thankful for the heart felt compassion the boys showed for their dad, is this not why disaster strikes, so we can see the beauty in others
  • Thankful for his choice to ride his bike eleven miles to work
  • Thankful that the fall did not discourage him  
  • Thankful for having him home even though he is injured
  • Thankful for his recognition of all I do
  • Thankful for my blogger community who prays for me
  • And most of all thankful his hand although still swollen and painful is not broken

A fitting verse:
Psalms 145:14
The LORD upholds all those who fall
and lifts up all who are bowed down

What are you choosing to consider a blessing today?