Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life Puzzles and Sisterhood

Puzzles are amazing things. Sometimes you can figure them out all on your own, other times you need a team beside you. We all need others to help us figure out the puzzle of life.

This is where we get to thank God for the people He has placed in our lives who help us figure out our puzzle. I am been very blessed to have amazing sisters in Christ, who have not only helped me to find the missing piece but also continue to help me fit together the pieces of my puzzle.

The pictures for this week are form a real puzzle in my life. We purchased a 2000 piece puzzle to complete as a family project. We were a bit surprised when opening the box at the amount of pieces that is as we quickly realized the amount of time and effort we will be investing in putting together this puzzle. I am grateful to not be undertaking this alone. Considering all the work that we still have ahead I plan on converting the finished puzzle into a rug for our family room.

If you are working on your life puzzle alone, looking for some sisterhood, desiring to draw closer to our Lord, or just want a little girl time visit Hampton Roads Church and check out one of our women’s day events. 

You can register online for any of the events but if you want to meet me and live close by I will be at the Cedar Road Assembly of God on Saturday March 24, 2012. The address is 912 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322. We would be glad to have you.
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