Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Treasures!

Today I am sharing some pictures of my earthly treasure that I am considering parting with. I want to part with them but hubby has me on the fence. 

I did love them when I bought them. We were in India and had taken no household goods with us. They were really cheap and I love tea sets. I am after all a GIRL. Yes, that's right I am a girl who loves tea sets. 

I am also a girl surrounded by BOYS and I cannot remember the last time I used this particular tea set. 

I have considered repurposing them as candle holders. I am truly desperate now. I feel guilt at buying them in the first place. Just because they were pretty tea cups, and so unique. I tried to justify their existence. Turning them into space consuming candle holder will not do.

AND then:

My heart is pierced by GOD. Where are your treasures? They are the things that last forever. The fond memories of drinking tea with friends, of chatting, of praying, and discussing the impact of God's Word on our lives. The girl friends I will carry with me through life are my treasures.

I have wonderful treasures in my boys. They are not tea cup drinkers, but we have created other treasured memories. I Choose to count my treasure in my family and friends. I know that my cup must go because they are in the way of my heavenly treasure.

We should all take a picture, they last longer.

Choosing to live with the end in mind, have a great Word-less Wednesday.