Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Treasure, Continued

Okay it happened. I broke my favorite plate. I could not be that it happened to me. I never break anything.

It happened so quickly, the plate just slipped out of my hand and shattered into an unbelievable amount of pieces. They boys were filled with disbelief but in their own words, “I am glad it was you and not us.”

I was not expecting this, so I took a picture.

 Then I collected all the pieces and took another picture.

I stared at them and thought this could not be happening. It just slipped out of my hand, like magic. Why was this plate so special? It was the last of its kind, the last man standing. The lone survivor from our wedding gift set. I had watched helplessly as they had been broken one by one. They were only dishes after all, but I had strived to protect the last remnant. No one was allowed to use mummy’s special plate.

Then the unthinkable: I attempted to glue my lonely plate back together again. It just still looked so broken and the realization came, “Nothing last for ever.”

It was just a broken plate, attached to a memory of our first set of china. Since then we have learned to buy Corelle, it’s harder to break and they have an excellent return policy. 

Children break things. 

Adults break things. 

Things were not meant to last forever. Things break!

I am thankful to be saying goodbye to my plate. 

God has aligned my heart with the message of having treasures in heaven where no one can destroy them. 

I have let go of many things since my journey began with my My Top Ten Collection. I have parted with My Books, Our Movie Collection, My photo albums and yesterday it was my China Tea Set, to day it is my plate, who know what it will be tomorrow.

I want nothing in my home that comes between me and my God in my heart.
What are you choosing to keep? Then, can I ask you WHY?