Thursday, March 29, 2012

An Organized Family Booking Through Thursday

Welcome to my Book Review and Booking Through Thursday Post, this week question:

Are there any fictional characters whom you have emulated (or tried to)? Who and why?
What literary character do you feel is most like you personality-wise (explain)?

The answer: I have not tried to emulate any fictional characters. It would go against my working self-image. 

Personality-wise I think I relate most to Anne of Green Gables. We have similar themes running through our lives. 

As a child I also disliked my name, it did not tell people who I was. I felt is was the name of an old lady sitting in a rocking chair knitting and that was not me. Names should say who you are, thankfully everyone called me Edwards Granddaughter and I am she.

I wanted to dye my hair back but parental units would not let me, they felt I would not suit me. Unlike Anne, even after reading the book I did not try to dye my own hair black. I worked hard at not disobeying the parental units.

I am at my core a creative and imaginative person and have conjured enough adventures of my own. I having been writing short stories and poetry all my life and still have dreams of being published.

Annie is a great character to get to know and stay a while at Edwards Granddaughter to see who I am becoming as my adventure continues.

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

My Book Review this weekAbsolutely Organize Your Family by Debbie Lillard

The goal of these book reviews is to help you decide if the book will be of value to you. I would be doing you, my friends and readers, a disservice to not share my honest thoughts on a book I shared that I was reading. I firmly believe in making informed choices

The focus of this book is helping you organize your family by teaching your children organizational skills and modeling organization. Organize your family i s a good how to guide if you need help in organizing your family.

Debbie explains that being organized means being efficient, organized with your time, getting your priorities straight, and creating balance in your life. It is only what works or what does not work for you lifestyle.

Debbie uses the method of categorize, purge and rearrange to help you get organized in all areas of your life.

In all area we should: 
  • Only keep what you use
  • Subtract before you add
  • Finish one project before you start another one
  • Daily routines are a must

In life we have to make choices for how we spend our time and what we purchase and keep in our home. 

Using Debbie method, if I were adding basketball to my son's schedule, I would first subtract something else to make room for the activity. You also have to note that adding items or activity to our home and lives seems relativity easy but many times it can just be too much to juggle.

She gives a good guide for creating a schedule for your child but here I would suggest that if your child is six or older guiding them through this process and explaining how adults make these choices

Children need modeling but also an understanding of the how and why. Starting to create a schedule with your child at a young age helps them eventually start doing it on their own. This is an area that pays dividends for years to come. 

My sons get the logistics of getting them places and back and are often willing to make their own arrangements when they see that mom and dad cannot help because of conflicting commitments. 

The book contains many list and charts to help guide you to find the best plan for your family. 

Debbie covers with good detail how to organize

  1. Your time as a family
  2. Your children's toys by cleaning them out twice yearly and before buying new toys for your children, which allows you also to decide what they need.
  3. Even what to do with all those photo memories, and preparing a memory book for each child 

This book is very detail and helpful. It gives you a starting point and helps you move forward to creating systems that work for your family. 

My final thought: I implore you to make simple choices, after all less is more. 

Choosing to share my love of books. What are you choosing today?

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