Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Choosing to Learn

I took two steps forward along the road to becoming a Photographer. A girl with a camera who knows how to use it. I want to thank Photo Feed from Mom Tried It for the time she took and the feed back she gave me. At just the right time God does lead us to just the right people.

The pictures are dated to tell a story of my progress:

I created the vase, found a great location for it and expected the pictures to be epic. They were not epic in a good way. I had to alter the picture and this was taken at night, after quite a few epics in the day light.

With the morning sunshine coming through this window the light and reflections are amazing. Sadly I could not capture the full beauty and the beauty of the curtains. The picture was taken with no flash and although I captured the vase, the curtains are just ugly and black.

After a little advise form Mom Tried It, this picture was taken during the afternoon I just changed the aperture priority on my camera, who knew the modes beside auto and turning off the flash did anything. I love this picture and if you are here to constructive criticism this is my enter into Photo Feed Back. 

There is hope, what skill or task are you choosing to accomplish this week, I dare you to get some feed back.

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