Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Choosing to Share 10 Annoying Medical Questions

1. Are you seeing things and others are not?

I just think this is bad wording. How do I know what another person is seeing?

2. Are you afraid of any one in your home? 
Would I tell you if I was, being afraid implies that I am not telling anyone what is going on in my home?

3. Have you ever had thoughts of hurting others or yourself?

I find this one totally funny. Find me one person aside from Jesus who has not had thoughts at some time or another about hurting others. When ever I hear of child slavery, trafficking women, child abuse, and the list continues I struggle with praying for the offender as I try to overcome thoughts of hurting them.

4. Have you completed an advance directive?

5. Have you completed a living will?

For number 4 and 5 if this is my first visit to your office why ask this question. Then I start wondering if you are planning on not providing adequate medical care. I just question the necessity of this question at a first office visit.  

6. Unusual childhood infections or illnesses 

Unlike today's medical professional that think it is their job to inform my children of their health information, the doctors in my day had the decency to tell my mother who choose to very carefully screen the information that I received. I am very thankful to her for that, it probably kept me alive. 

It is very hard to get my boys into a doctor's office because they have been provided with too much information. I understand that the thinking is to get children involved in taking care of their health, but that is a parent's job.

7. Marital status
I have never understood what my marital status has to do with my health, unless the thought here is that being married makes you sick.

8. Age/sex of children
Here is another question I cannot understand how it has a bearing on my health. In the doctor's office I did imply that I thought my exhaustion was cause by taking care of three boys but honestly I have friends that have 9+ kids and are amazingly handling it all. 

9. Patient lives with
How does whom I live with affect my health? 

10. The health of Grandparents, aunts and uncles
Depending on how many aunts and uncles you have this question could be a nightmare. How does anyone who has more that one or two keep track of the health of their aunts and uncles? What if your grandparents where very big on giving and donated eggs and or sperm to help an infertile couple? I just see too much gray area to base the decisions about my health on this question. And I do believe it is a form of gossip justified by the need to know.

These were some of the questions from the item on my Guess What {Word-less Wednesday} post. For my word-less Wednesday this week I will post the remaining pictures and tell that the items is for those who have not guessed already. 

Any Chosen journey begins with a single step. What is your single step today? 

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