Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Revealing My Guest What (Word-less Wednesday)

Last week Guess What picture:

The picture is of lovely binder that contained the medical forms for my visit to Virginia Oncologist. There were never any stables in the binder, I can only assume the marks are from it being bent in the mail. I was over come by how beautiful the folder was and the slogan of "For a Cancer Free Tomorrow." Truth be told the binder was a reminder of something I did not want to face and so I took a picture and shut it away till my appointment last Thursday. 

Visiting this office was sad. It is heart breaking the amount of people who are battling cancer young and old. We met a gentleman who was 92 with a lot of spunk and still fighting. He told us that there was no cure for his cancer and the treatment was just to extend his life for as long as possible. He had an amazing spirit and was wiser and braver than me. 

Here are a few snap shots with my iPod: 

How much Dracula wanted. I assure you this is my blood. The appointment was Thursday, after I had posted my book review. They look what little life I had left and yes I am being overly dramatic. I was shocked that they needed seven of them. I choose to be a baby about getting my blood drawn. 

The scripture for this post a return to the Good Shepherd and a reminder on this journey of all He continues to do for me. 

Choosing to share the journey, please share what you are choosing today!

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