Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Choosing Black & White {Word-less Wednesday}

We are reading through the manual for our Canon G10 camera and sharing my progress with you, my wonderful readers.

I discovered that in manual mode I can take pictures in black and white and I love that. The nine year old and I took a walk and I took some pictures of the World in black and white. I loved these shots but I am so glad we have color to play with.

My Front door Sign

Photo Feedback picture

My neighbor's red rose, this is my favorite you can see the water droplets on the leaves, an effect that is hard to accomplish in color. My camera was set to manual, black and white, in landscape mode. 

This is my favorite tree in our neighborhood can you guess what type of tree it is from the picture.

On our walk we stopped to pick up the mail and inside was the book I have won a few weeks ago. One Thousand Gifts has been on my list of books to read since last November when I got the app. I excited to get started reading it. 

And I made my closing black and white just for this post. You can make things black and white with your photo editing software.

As always which item was your favorite, and am I really better in black and white.

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