Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Choosing to Accomplish a No Goal Week 22 & Word-less Wednesday

I am not quite picking up where I left off or starting at the place I though I would. It seems impossible that a week is so full and yet so short. 

I am in vacation recovery mode and planning on a slow week so please enjoy today post.

When I started this blog last year I was entrenched in a great community that I dearly love and miss. Having people accept you as God has is always awesome.

At that time I had lost a member of my military community and as I grieved her lost I saw the limits to the type of communities I was creating. 

I long to stay in touch with all the wonderful communities I had been a part of through out the years but with distance, schedules and changing season remaining in deep relationships can be hard.

Creating new community is often difficult and requires much effort, but still I long to bring that sense of community to Edwards Granddaughter. 

I want to inspire and encourage and be inspired by you. I long to share the deep thoughts of my soul and hear what you have to say. 

Please join me how every you choose to bring community to you and me.

The tree from two Wednesday ago post is a pine, here is a color picture of it.

Here are pictures of the two birthday cakes I made for my boys. 

I am stuck either using automatic or black and white in manual till I figure out how to turn the black and white setting back to color. I find the whole thing hilarious. You have just got to love learning.

Let me know what you think of the pictures and which is your favorite. 

Next week I will be joining with some friends to bring you a series called

I will be writing 5 Days to Better Communication. This link will take you to a list of all the plan 5 Days of.