Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More On The Striiv App Consciously Choosing to Get Fit & Healthy

Although I love the Striiv app for counting my steps, I found myself not liking the game.

Striiv is great for counting your steps and tracking the many aspects of your activity levels.

The great thing about Striiv is that is counts your steps as you go about your daily activities.

Striiv tracks while you clean your home and even while running errands. I do not always find the time to exercise on the days I am doing a major house cleaning. Since I run most of my errands on the same day it is nice to know how much activity and exercise I have done.

Those alone will not get you to the 10000 steps goal but I have gotten pretty close.

The Striiv game was just not my cup of tea.
It has no way to turn off the music. I find all game music annoying. It was less annoying than the boys Mindcraft music but I had to turn my phone off to silence it. Needless to say that meant a lot of missed calls.

The game also was not that challenging. You bought items to create a land and collected money from those items. The End!

My biggest issue was the only time Striiv was not counting my steps was when the game was open. If you did not return to the exercise screen the game would not count your steps. 

I will continue on my goal of reaching 10000 a day using Striiv. It is the best app I have found for counting my steps.

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