Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Striiv is Working While Consciously Choosing to Get Fit & Healthy

What can I say about my Shiiv journey this pass week?

I was completely surprised by how much my legs hurt. During my usual day I really do not move around. Completing 10,000 steps daily takes purposeful walking.

The Shiiv app counts my steps under two conditions:
Your phone is with you and the app is running in the background of your phone.

Once you have walked your 10,000 steps you get a wonderful Goal Achieved screen, then Shiiv asked you to beat your average for all the days you have used the app.

With Shiiv’s suggestion to +1000 steps verses yesterday everyday, you could easily burn out quickly.

Now this is where I noticed I needed to be careful. I have tried to maintain a steady increase of less than 10 steps a day. I turn off the app once I have reached my daily goal to stop the app from background counting.

Shiiv also counts and tracks:

Your miles walked

Your minutes of activity

And your calories burned daily while prompting you to do just a little bit better in each area than the day before.

Under charts you can see at a glance how you have improved in these areas over time.

Under trophies  you can see any items you have won or accomplished but only for the current day.

You can also use Striiv to complete with friends on Facebook.

My weight did not change much this week so I am using the same scale picture as a reminder that my preserving will pay off.

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