Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day Springs Word-less Wednesday

During the Christmas holiday I decide to update our Christmas mugs.

I wanted mugs that reflected the spirit of the Christmas season.

I wanted to finally get them mugs that acknowledged how much they had grown.

I discovered Daysprings.

I ordered this lovely set.

"Jesus is the Gift"

I was amazed when I received them in the mail. The quality was excellent. The mugs were dishwasher and microwave safe and also very sturdy.

I placed a second order and waited anxiously.

No disappointment here:

Just more beautiful and inspiring mugs.

Unfortunately, I had to part with our Coca Cola platter, the Christmas mugs, and all six of our mugs. In the end I was very happy with my choices.

I love that my boys hold me accountable to my word.

But,  I said goodbye.

I began memorizing Psalm 71 this week.

As Always,