Monday, January 14, 2013

Step One In Choosing to Abide: Memorizing Psalm 77

Psalm 119:11 
I have chosen to hide your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you

This is one verse I have memorized. 

One verse is a pebble in my bucket.

We drop the pebbles in the bucket so that like the crow we can drink from the water of life.

We can call up these pearls when we need them most.

When we hit a crossroad the pebbles we have memorized help us to make a biblically choice. 

By memorizing God's Word we carry it with us and are less likely to be lead astray.

My heart may have been in the right place when I attempted to memorize 1 Peter but my grasp of reality was not. 

My timing was off and I never made it out of the starting gate.

I am beginning 2013 by challenging my self to hide Psalm 71 in my heart. I have fourteen weeks starting January 13th to hide Psalm 71 in my heart. 

Different Choices for Psalm 71

1. I will be intentional and purposeful in my pursuit of memorizing Psalm 71

2. Having an actual plan and schedule

3. Scripture background cards for my computer and phone

This picture inspires and reminds me that each day is a new and beautiful start. Take a fresh start each day.

4. Cards on my mirror, refrigerator, and bulletin board

5. Beginning each day by reading Psalm 71

6. Having a daily schedule including five minutes intervals five times daily to my to do list reminding me to memorize

Weekly Killer Strategy

Day 1: Write out Psalm 71 verse two times verse
Day 2: Write Psalm 71 verse four times
Day 3: Look up 3 different versions of Psalm 71verse and copy each two times
Day 4: Write out Psalm 71 verse eight times
Day 5: Type Psalm 71 verse ten times using Scripture Typer
Day 6: Write Psalm 71 verse by memory five times in journal
Day 7: Share Psalm 71 verse with a friend

Then repeat...

Choosing to join me on this journey, check out Do Not Depart for more resources and to register. 

What strategy do you choose to memorize, please leave a comment and check back for the update on this journey. 

Will my chosen strategy work? 

Till next time