Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poor Puppy Word-less Wednesday

These days I always seem to be running ten days behind. I am now doing the job of two. I am both father and mother with all household responsibilities on just me.

Having lined up my excuse. I finally choose to attempt grooming our dog, as this was not one of my top priorities. 

 Here are the Instagram pictures of puppy's journey without his main care taker.

I started with her being completely adorable.

You can see how matted her fur is getting.

I took off some of the length

New Year, and finally trying to comb her hair. Spent most of the day combing her and getting no where.

Decided to go with a major trim and shave. Silver does care what she looks like. I needed a fresh start. 

This is a time of adjust but adjust we shall.

I ask that you consider this verse.

As always,