Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preparing for the Unseen - Word-less Wednesday

First challenge of the New Year. My husband is the main driver in the family and with him gone our car stays parked. I drive when I need to. I think most server migraine suffers would understand. I would never forgive myself if I got into an accident due to a sudden migraine.  

All of this to say "What I know about cars could fit on a post card." 

So the first time my tire pressure alarm when off, I completely panicked. 

And yes, I really did just want to cry, return to my burrow and never leave again.

The tires had been checked and one replace in October. It felt like a disaster.

The second time a friend was driving and took care of it.

I knew that I did not have to accept the challenge of fixing my tire.

I am not alone in this journey. 

The third time, I realized I must accept the challenge of fixing it or not using the car for the next 4 months.  The funny thing was I had the tires checked. There was nothing wrong and now I wait to see what will happen next.

Some times we just have to wait for the blessing of the Lord to come.

As always,

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