Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Update on Life Including My New Photo Challenge

Ways to keep in touch while my hubby is deployed. 

I am keeping an Instagram diary of my days in two forms. 

One is pictures of my day, called "while hubby away."  

Our best Christmas photo:

He would not stop jumping up. This really brightened a Christmas where I was struggling to find my spirit with hubby being gone.

Yes, I gave the boys till the day after Christmas; this was some kind of record for me. When my husband's mother died just before Christmas, I took our tree down that day. Since then I have made a point of having the decorations up from Thanksgiving through New Years. I had a really hard time pushing through the holiday season with him being gone, THIS TIME.

What's a New Year without the first migraine of the year? I tried to capture that a migraine feels like in a picture, I did not do it justice.

Who new breaking the physical thermostat box would stop the furnace from heating the house?

The second is the scriptures I highlighted while reading through the Bible in 90 Days, called "A scripture a day." 

How would you choose to stay motivated while your hubby is away? Please leave a comment.

As always,