Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reviewing Conviction to Lead

I am writing this review of Conviction to Lead by Albert Mohler in exchange for reading the book. I try really hard to choose great books to review in exchange for reading them, after all I am investing a great deal of time.

I guess every so often one of these books will sneak through that I did not find a great deal of value in. 

I chose to read Conviction to Lead to learn more about the leadership. A topic I recently decided I want to learn more about. Reading Conviction to Lead was interesting but not inspiring. It contained lots of information about what leadership is.

I guess subtitles are important at to telling you what a book is about. True to the subtitle the book does tell you 25 Principles for Leadership that matter. I agree with Mohler that these principles are essential in a leader

A few examples are: 

  • Conviction to lead starts with purpose
  • Leadership is a narrative 
  • Leaders are teachers, communicators, and readers
  • Leaders have character, are great stewards

These are all great qualities for leaders to have but like Moses I found my self-wondering how do I get there. How do I become a great narrator, a better teacher and a great communicator?

If you want to know what qualities a leader should have, this book will be a great read. But, you will have to look somewhere else to learn how to improve, strengthen or even build these qualities.

As always,