Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Scheduling Life Word-less Wednesday

When scheduling the busy life of a family of 5 the basic ingredient is the wall calendar. The main thing schedule on my calendar this season is how long hubby will be away. 

I use the Awesome note to schedule non-daily task and projects.

When scheduling my day, I just fell in love with the Errands app. It is simple and very efficient and simply works wells for me.

Tomorrow I will be over at Homemaker's Challenge sharing with many words how and why I changed my scheduling format. Why 2012 was not my best year and how I plan on making 2013 great? 

I finished my 2000 piece puzzle.

I learned last year the deep and abiding truth of this scripture. I had my plans but God certainly establishes my steps when I choose to lean on Him. I had plans last year but no schedule for accomplishing them. I am thankful that God choose to step in and give me a deeper vision for the needs of my family.

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