Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am sad to be downsizing

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My desk shelve

My family maintains that I own a library. I’ve always wanted to own a library. The greatest number of books I own was right when we moved into our current house. I had about 10 book cases double stacked before I decided that having bookcases in ever room and a closet full of all my old college books was too much.
My Office some of the books to prepare for
 September and yes they are double stacked.
Free reading shelves in the playroom,
these ikea shelves are better than book shelves

It became too much for me to tolerate in our small home, so I got rid of most of my college books, first. My bookcases after 17 years of moving were in very bad shape so I watched helplessly as the tumbled when we moved all the book that we were not in the current school rotation into a closet. I think that I had close to 5000 books.

Now we are down-sizing the home school books, as my second grader finishes the books.  We fill a goodwill box, when the box is full we take it to a donation center. I would try to sell the books but we just do not have the room to keep them.
Current Goodwill box.
This has meant some hard choices for me. I do count the cost of passing on the books. With eBooks becoming more popular I fear we might just be losing the beauty and artistry that goes into making a book. When we downloaded Beatrix Potter on my kindle and I was disappointed that the pictures were missing.

The fewest number of books I’ve ever owned would be about 100. My parents were always getting me books for birthdays and Christmas as a child. I loved reading and I was happy as long as I had a book, so they got me books. I even remember the year when my eyes were so strained that I was not allowed to read except at school. I would sneak a book under my bed and read using a flashlight. I am grateful to still have my eyesight and to be enjoying books.
Pictures of The Boys current school shelves.

Hiding most of my books took the pressure off, and I do not have to deal with the ones that I am not using. Another plus is my shelves no longer look like they will topple and crush me or The Boys.

I do love books :) but will be more selective on which ones I keep till my baby is done home schooling. I am learning there is only so much stuff you can keep in one house. I am not sure how big our next house will be, but I am determined to make the hard choices so that I can treasure my family and our life together. 

I do not listen to music when I am reading. I find it very distracting, I am one of those people who really listens to the lyrics of my music. They conflict if I try to do both.

How about you........